This is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation method, more and more used, which is based on an aluminum oxide microparticles system which peels the outer epidermal layers.
It is usually used for the face but it may also be used for other problematic body areas. It contributes to the improvement of the skin appearance, to the attenuation of lines and fine wrinkles, to the minimization of dyschromias and post acne scars. It increases the skin tonus and elasticity, it stimulates cell division and collagen synthetization and it reactivates the skin’s functions.

• actinically affected skin
• dyschromias (hypo/hyper-pigmentary)
• dilated pores
• fine wrinkles
• slight acne
• post acne scars
• fine scars
• blemishes, freckles
• the treatment takes about 20 minutes
• it does not need recovery time
• it falls into the category of ‘lunchtime lift’
• it is ideal for persons who cannot devote much time to more complex procedures (surgery, laser)