The chemical peel is a non invasive method of skin rejuvenation.

The application of the peeling solution causes the removal of the outer skin layers. This stimulates the formation of new epidermal cells and of collagen during the recovery period and the skin will look firmer, fresher and shinier. The power of the peeling varies depending on the concentration and the type of acid which is used, on the type of skin and on the sensitivity specific to each patient.

Practice has shown that a series of repeated peels performed within short intervals have better results than a more powerful peel which needs a longer recovery period.

About peels:

• the procedure takes about 30 minutes

• it is possible to have a slight erythema and to feel pinches in the treated area but these will last only for an hour

• in the following 2-4 days after the skin will peel off and this may last from 1 to 3 days

• to obtain a maximum result 4-5 repeated sessions are necessary within 1 week

• inform the doctor if you had herpes before

• avoid the sun during the peeling sessions and 2 weeks after the treatment.